Dining at The Boomerang Hotel

In Boomerang there is a multicuisine restaurant a romantic place to dine and impress your loved one. The seafood preparations are out of this world.

BOOMERANG, is the place to watch the magic of the Goan waves, as they crash on the white sand, while you relax, savouring an exotic cocktail ..

Choose from a wide range of Indian and imported wines and liquors, or sample the potent local liquors "feni" & "urrack"...

After a beautiful sunset, the evenings are special too, with karaoke, barbeques and fireworks to lift your spirits higher.

Seating is indoors and open air, and evening entertainment includes live music and cultural programs

Dining at Boomerang is as breezy and easy as everything else around here. And freshness is the buzzword for everything - from the ingredients to the recipes, from the presentations to the experience, from the ambiences to the up-to-you mealtimes. Each is given that one-of-a-kind Boomerang twist to keep you coming back for more

Guests can enjoy a robust and varied selection of fish and shellfish hand selected from the top catches of the day like the seared sea scallops with feni sorbet, or indulge in our critically acclaimed aged steaks complemented by the ideal wine pairing and completed with irresistible side dishes and desserts

Guests can reserve a private dining area, a perfect gathering place for celebrating special occasions such as baby showers, birthdays, and holiday parties.